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Social Basics

Basics of PlayTracker Social

PlayTracker Social allows you to register and link your gaming platforms to create a unified cross-platform profile that combines your game library, achievements, stats, and more – in one place.

As you play on any of those platforms, data will automatically sync and become available on PlayTracker, and you’ll increase your PlayTracker level and unlock new customization options for your profile.

A visual of a PlayTracker profile, adorned with cosmetics that pop out of the screen

Syncing is handled on a scheduled queue, which means there is a delay between changes in your data happening and those same changes (for example achievements earned) showing up on PlayTracker.

Please also keep in mind that newly linked accounts may take several days to fully sync all data, as PlayTracker must respect the partner platforms and pace out requests on their servers.

Each game you play will be included in all the features of PlayTracker unless specified otherwise and show up on your user pages, and you have an individual page for each game showing your achievements and stats.

You can follow any of your friends on PlayTracker, and their activity will show up in your social feed no matter where they play.

XP and leveling up

A visual of a PlayTracker profile level number within a hexagon icon going up

Your PlayTracker level represents your gaming career across all platforms. Each level is 200XP – scaling is completely linear and the amount of XP required to level up does not increase as your level increases.

XP is calculated based on your achievements. Each achievement is worth 1XP, up to 200XP per game – meaning games with more than 200 achievements will stop giving XP after 200. Bonus XP is awarded for Mastering and Perfecting a game. Mastering a game (completing all base game achievements) gives 30XP, and Perfecting a game (completing 100% of achievements) gives an additional 20XP on top of that.

For now your level is purely visual and display on your profile, however we have features in the works that will be affected by your level.