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July 20th
July 19th

Nytorino achieved in Grounded

'Shrinky and the Brain' achievement icon

Shrinky and the Brain

Achieve level 10 Brainpower

'Friends in Low Places' achievement icon

Friends in Low Places

Tame a bug as a pet

'Web Master' achievement icon

Web Master

Zip across a teen made Zipline longer than 100 cm

'Face Your Fears' achievement icon

Face Your Fears

Kill your first Wolf Spider

'Snoopy' achievement icon


Discover 20 Sites on the Map

'Fortified' achievement icon


Construct your first Mushroom Brick building

And 12 more!
July 18th

Nytorino achieved in Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI

'Let's Do the Time Warp Again' achievement icon

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

As Babylon, earn 5 tech boosts for techs that are at least one era later than your current era.

'Voice of Aiwass' achievement icon

Voice of Aiwass

Earn all Governor promotions for the Hermetic Order Secret Society.

'Court of Itzamna' achievement icon

Court of Itzamna

As the Maya found a settlement adjacent to 4 luxury resources.

'The stars are right' achievement icon

The stars are right

Win a regular game as Lady Six Sky.

'Shield of Christianity' achievement icon

Shield of Christianity

As Hungary, have Christianity as your dominant religion and defeat a unit whose Civilization's dominant religion is not Christianity

'Master and Commander' achievement icon

Master and Commander

Win a regular game on the Archipelago Map

And 1 more!
July 16th

LittleDinamit achieved in MultiVersus

'Going Down?' achievement icon

Going Down?

Get 50 Ringouts using your spike

'And Your Little Dog, Too!' achievement icon

And Your Little Dog, Too!

Get 100 Double Ringouts

July 15th