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June 12th
June 11th

LittleDinamit achieved in MultiVersus

'Catch This' achievement icon

Catch This

Get 50 Ringouts with a Projectile

'Nice Speech' achievement icon

Nice Speech

Give out 10 Toasts to other players

d1gric achieved in Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Tower Defense

'I'm the Lizard King' achievement icon

I'm the Lizard King

Defeat Xyzzy, the Saurian King.

'Zombie Walk' achievement icon

Zombie Walk

Destroy 100 zombies under a full moon.

'Waterworld' achievement icon


Kill 50 swimming enemies.

'Perfect Storm' achievement icon

Perfect Storm

Kill 3 Bluegales while under a storm.

'Birth of a Hero' achievement icon

Birth of a Hero

Level up any hero.

'Save the princess!' achievement icon

Save the princess!

Save a captive princess.

And 45 more!
June 10th
June 9th

Debaik achieved in DOOM Eternal

'It's a Magic Number' achievement icon

It's a Magic Number

Kill 666 Demons (excluding Player Demons and Wolves)

Debaik achieved in ASTRO’s PLAYROOM

'Hidden achievement' achievement icon

Hidden achievement

Details are hidden to users who have not unlocked it.

'Gatcha maniac' achievement icon

Gatcha maniac

Got half the gatcha prizes.

'Greatness awaits!' achievement icon

Greatness awaits!

Cleared GPU Jungle.

'Emotion Engine!' achievement icon

Emotion Engine!

Cleared SSD Speedway.

June 8th