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May 27th

d1gric achieved in Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense

'Ratatouille' achievement icon


Kill 15 Wererats before they sicken any soldier.

'Game of Crowns' achievement icon

Game of Crowns

Defeat Lord Blackburn to avoid war between kingdoms.

'Spore' achievement icon


Kill 25 Shrooms without them poisoning your soldiers.

'Super Mushroom' achievement icon

Super Mushroom

Defeat Myconid, the Rotten Fungus.

'Hell-o!' achievement icon


Defeat Moloch the Demon Overlord.

'Army of One' achievement icon

Army of One

Defeat 9 legions before they replicate.

And 47 more!
May 26th

Nytorino achieved in Dorfromantik

'Puzzler VII' achievement icon

Puzzler VII

Place 250 consecutive tiles without connecting any incompatible edges.

'Planner III' achievement icon

Planner III

Score 4 perfect placements at once.

'Planner II' achievement icon

Planner II

Score 3 perfect placements at once.

'Planner I' achievement icon

Planner I

Score 2 perfect placements at once.

'Puzzler VI' achievement icon

Puzzler VI

Place 200 consecutive tiles without connecting any incompatible edges.

'Puzzler V' achievement icon

Puzzler V

Place 150 consecutive tiles without connecting any incompatible edges.

And 1 more!
May 25th