A monthly cross-platform achievement hunt inspired by Steam sales of yore.

Complete 3 challenges before May 1st and get a mystery gift!

The mystery gift will open on May 1st (1PM CET) and contains a free game! You have until midnight on April 30th (CET) to earn your mystery gift.

The Flame in the Flood background

The Flame in the Flood

PlayTracker Quest Achievement


Eat every type of plant.

Available platforms:


Not completed.

The Long Dark background

The Long Dark

Achievement PlayTracker Quest

Don't Starve

Keep calorie store above zero for 10 days.

Available platforms:

Not completed.

Banished background


PlayTracker Quest Achievement


Build a town that contains 60 cattle, 75 sheep, and 180 chickens.

Available platforms:


Not completed.

Tribal Pass background

Tribal Pass

PlayTracker Quest Achievement

Chubby Is The New Fit

Cross the map without starvation.

Available platforms:


Not completed.

+ 2 more quests generated from your game library

+ even more quests from people you follow on PlayTracker

All completed quests by other gamers will grant XP, but only one will count towards the mystery gift.

PlayTracker is not responsible for errors resulting in the Quest system malfunctioning. PlayTracker reserves the right to cancel the event and/or withhold the mystery gift from any user for any reason, including, but not limited to, malicious manipulation of the system. Read the full Terms of Service here.

What is PlayTracker Quest?

PlayTracker Quest is an achievement hunt powered by PlayTracker's multiplatform system. Every month, you get a quest - complete 3 out of 7 total thematically connected achievements (challenges) on any of the supported platforms and earn a free game and XP for your PlayTracker profile. Each challenge you complete is worth 20XP, and completing the monthly quest will net you a 50XP bonus.

What is in the mystery gift?

The gift contains a free game! Everyone's mystery gift contains the same game. The month's exact game will be wrapped in mystery until May 1st.

Where can I find my mystery gifts from previous months?

Mystery gifts from previous month's quest can be found right here on the Quest page, provided you are logged in.

When will there be a new Quest?

A new Quest releases each month. Be sure to check back often if you want to stay up to date!

I completed a challenge, but it still shows as not completed!

Worry not! Your Quest is updated regularly, so check back soon. It may take a while for the system to process your achievement and update accordingly. If this lasts for more than a day, please contact marijan@playtracker.net for help.