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PlayTracker Quest

Cross-platform achievement hunting challenges with valuable rewards.

Participate in monthly themed challenges, compete with friends in a seasonal league, and earn a free game every season.

Current season

Season of Innovation

Complete challenges on Quest to earn Points and Reputation. Collect 7 points in a season, and you'll get next season's mystery gift!

Ends June 1st 2024 at 19:00 GMT.

About reputation

Unlock free rewards

Go to any game's Quest page to redeem your Reputation for rewards like cosmetic options for your profile and upgrades for your PlayTracker account.

Reputation does not expire at the end of a season.

Latest mystery gift

Every season, users who collected 7 points or more in the previous season get to claim a free mystery gift game. If you missed out on Simmiland - fret not - there's a new mystery game every season.

Global challenges
Hand-picked challenges shared among all players


rocket science

mankind flew to space

20 RP

Baldur's Gate 3

Kill Two Birds With One Gnome

Use one enemy as an improvised weapon against another.

20 RP

Chants of Sennaar


Validate all glyphs in the game

20 RP


Some Assembly Required

Assemble the Assemball

20 RP


You are doing it right

Construct more machines using robots than manually.

20 RP

The Universim


Help Nuggola Tesla discover Electricity

20 RP

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Magnum Opus

Create the Philosopher’s Stone

20 RP

Pacific Drive

Patent Pending

Invent something new after installing the Zone Scanner

20 RP
Additional global challenges created by our Patreon supporters

Persona 4 Golden

Compulsive Reader

Read all books

Made by tsukichild

20 RP

Terra Nil

Perfect Location

Construct an Animal Observatory at the intersection of 4 different tier 2 biomes

Made by LittleDinamit

20 RP

Two Point Campus

Smart Money

Earn 100,000 from research projects

Made by Beatnuki

20 RP



Build a Generator with all upgrades and no construction faults

Made by d1gric

20 RP


Exceptional Snail

Finish any stage with minimal score.

Made by Artura Dawn

20 RP
All global and all patreon challenges grant a point upon completion.
Friend challenges
Challenges your friends have issued this season
Create an account or log in to show your friends what's up.
Only the first 2 friend challenges you complete will grant a point each. All friend challenges you complete grant Reputation.
Personal challenges
Generated specifically for you, from your game library
Create an account or log in to generate some challenges just for you.
League leaderboard
This season's top achievement hunters globally and among your friends
Global leaderboard
Friend leaderboard
. 's Avatar
Better than 100% of users.
Friend leaderboard
Compete on a leaderboard against just your friends. Who will take the crown each season?
1 achievement = 1 point. Maximum 100 points per game. Maximum 100 points per day (+50 bonus if leftover from the day before).
League leaderboards reset at the end of the season. When a season resets, competitors earn up to 200 Reputation based on their position on each leaderboard.
The reputation amount depends on the percentage of users you were better at, so for example if you had more points than 60% of users on that leaderboard, you get 60 reputation.
Backlog Dungeon
Earn extra reputation for achievements earned as you clear your backlog
Create an account or log in to start whittling down your Backlog.
The reputation modifier determines how much reputation you get per achievement earned, and grows linearly depending on how many games you have in your backlog at the time a game enters your Dungeon. Have 30 or more games in your backlog to max out this modifier to 3x. You can earn no more than 200 Reputation per game per season.

You can skip Backlog Dungeon games an unlimited number of times in a season, but a skipped game will not be eligible for Backlog Dungeon again until next season. You must have at least 5 eligible (marked as "backlog" and not skipped yet this season) games in your library to be able to roll a new Backlog Dungeon game.