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All of gaming, together

PlayTracker connects to the most popular gaming platforms out there and unites gamer data. All games, achievements, stats, and graphs - now in one place.

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Three pillars, one platform


A unified cross-platform social experience for gamers


Cross-platform game challenges with valuable rewards


Stats, graphs, and estimates for games across platforms

One platform, three apps

The original website on playtracker.net, available on any device with a browser.

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Android and iOS mobile apps for easy and convenient access right from your homescreen.

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A unified cross-platform social experience for gamers

Combine your game library, achievements, and stats by linking all your platforms. Play anywhere to level up and unlock more customization options for your profile. Keep up with friends' activity no matter where they play.

Unite your gaming multiverse

  • Link all the platforms you play on and unite your data
  • Create a unified profile - a monument to your gaming career
  • Browse, organize, and label your full library of games
  • See combined stats and fun graphs of your activity over time
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A visual of a PlayTracker profile being fed by data from various platforms and adorned with cosmetics that pop out of the screen
A visual of a PlayTracker profile level number within a hexagon icon going up

Level up and show off

  • Play anywhere you want to earn XP and level up
  • Unlock customization options for your profile
  • Showcase your accomplishments to friends and the world
  • Label games, organize your library, manage your backlog
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Keep up with friends, anywhere they play

  • Connect with all your gaming friends regardless of platform
  • Keep up with their activity in the cross-platform social feed
  • Compare achievements easily, even across platforms
  • Create challenges for them and compete on leaderboards
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A comparison between two users' achievements in the same game

Cross-platform challenges with valuable rewards.

Unlock achievements on any platform to complete challenges and earn valuable rewards, including a free game every season. Participate in themed monthly quests, compete on leaderboards, and create challenges for your friends.

Complete exciting challenges

  • Conquer seasonal themed achievement hunts
  • Create challenges for friends and complete theirs
  • Earn Reputation and unlock new cosmetics for your profile
  • Complete 7 challenges to get a free mystery game
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A highlighted PlayTracker Quest challenge screenshot with a bunch of other less visible challenges in the background
A screenshot of some PlayTracker profile cosmetic rewards

Unlock awesome rewards

  • Earn Reputation by completing challenges
  • Unlock cosmetics like cover images and profile titles
  • Complete 7 challenges to get a free mystery game
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Compete and dominate

  • Play anything, anywhere, anytime to climb the Quest League
  • Compete against the community on the Global leaderboard
  • Flex on friends on your personal Friends leaderboard
  • Earn special profile cosmetics every season
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A screenshot of a PlayTracker League leaderboard

Stats and graphs for games across platforms.

See how many people have played a game and how many are actively playing it. Browse graphs of how a game has fared over the years. Discover in-depth stats on playtime and engagement. Compare games and see their audience overlap.

See the full picture of gaming

  • Get machine-learning powered playerbase estimates
  • Learn stats like active players and median playtime
  • Browse graphs on activity and new users over time
  • Break down playtime and geographical distribution
  • Discover trends that span across platform lines
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A screenshot of some PlayTracker Insight graphs for various games
A screenshot of PlayTracker's venn diagram audience overlap graph between Witcher 2 and Witcher 3

Go beyond curiosity with Premium

  • Unlock access to all estimates, stats, and graphs
  • Compare games, see their audience overlap across platforms
  • Help PlayTracker grow and implement even more features
  • Get data based on real users' full cross-platform activity
  • Fully understand gamer habits and preferences
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