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General Signing up

Signing up

Creating a PlayTracker account is free, fast, and easy. All we ask for is an email address, and your desired username and password. It is important that you provide a proper email address because it will be used for various account management activities like resetting your password.

You can change your username to any other available username once a day for free however many times you want. You can only change your email by contacting us from both the current and desired new account email address.


PlayTracker is proudly based in the European Union and works with established data privacy experts to ensure your data is properly handled. Please check out our short and to the point privacy notice, which was written to be clear for the average user.

Finalizing your account

While your account will become useable when you sign up and you will have access to most features, there are 4 additional steps required to access the rest:

  • Verify your email – important for account security since your account email is essentially what identifies your account ownership.
  • Visit your privacy settings – you’ll want to see them because most things are set to private by default so you’ll have to share what you want people to see.
  • Link an account – this is how you get anything to show up on your PlayTracker since we just connect to your platforms (like Steam) and pull your data.
  • Follow someone – it can be anyone, even yourself!

Pages on PlayTracker will occasionally pester you to complete these steps.