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General Account linking

Account linking

For PlayTracker to be able to sync your data from the platforms you play on, you will need to link your accounts for each platform on your PlayTracker Dashboard.

Supported platforms are:

  • Steam
  • XBOX
  • PlayStation
  • GOG
  • EA Origin

You can also connect a BattleNet account so people can find you on there, as well as input a Guild Wars 2 API key to pull detailed data about that game. We are working on adding support for more platforms and individual games.

The linking process varies per platform, but generally consists of setting your privacy settings to “public” on the platform itself, then entering a unique identifier of your account (usually a username or ID number).

Each platform’s account link page in the Dashboard has specific and more detailed instructions, so head there for more.

Syncing is handled on a scheduled queue, which means there is a delay between changes in your data happening and those same changes (for example achievements earned) showing up on PlayTracker.

Please also keep in mind that newly linked accounts may take several days to fully sync all data, as PlayTracker must respect the partner platforms and pace out requests on their servers.