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Quest Backlog Dungeon

Backlog Dungeon

Earn extra reputation for achievements earned as you clear your backlog using PlayTracker Quest’s Backlog Dungeon feature.

You pick the games you want to tackle by adding them to your backlog. To do this, go to your library, click on your selected game, then open the submenu to label it as "Backlog".

Once you’ve filled up your backlog, go to the PlayTracker Quest homepage and scroll to the bottom to find the Backlog Dungeon. There you’ll find 3 slots, with a fourth unlockable using Reputation. Roll a slot to fill it with a random game from your backlog.

The reputation modifier determines how much reputation you get per achievement earned and grows linearly depending on how many games you have in your backlog at the time a game enters your Dungeon. Have 30 or more games in your backlog to max out this modifier to 3x. You can earn no more than 200 Reputation per game per season.

You can also skip Backlog Dungeon games to remove them and free up the slot they were in. You can skip an unlimited number of times in a season, but a skipped game will not be eligible for Backlog Dungeon again until next season. You must have at least 5 eligible (marked as "backlog" and not skipped yet this season) games in your library to be able to roll a new Backlog Dungeon game.

At the end of a season, the games in your Backlog Dungeon carry over, but the skipped games will reset allowing them to show up in the dungeon once more.