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Insight Basics

Basics of Insight

PlayTracker Insight presents detailed analytics about games across all the platforms PlayTracker supports. Anyone – be they a curious gamer or a gaming industry professional doing market research – can find out how many people own a game, how many are actively playing it, how it has fared over the years, and more.

A screenshot of some PlayTracker Insight graphs for various games

Each graph on Insight features an explanation that is hidden by default and can be revealed by pressing the information icon in the top right of the graph’s card.

Insight uses the aggregated and anonymized data of PlayTracker users around the world and available public information, combining the two using machine learning to generate dozens of stats and graphs, as well as to estimate sales/player numbers.

This methodology is not too different from political polls around the world, we just applied it to something more impactful and important – videogames.

Because of the nature of user sampling methodology, data on Insight is merely a fine-tuned estimate, and not a guaranteed measurement of reality. Data on Insight also takes 7-14 days (depending on the platform) to reflect real-world changes – meaning if a game launches to an instant 1M players, Insight will instead show a slow rise to 1M over the course of a week.

A screenshot of PlayTracker's venn diagram audience overlap graph between Witcher 2 and Witcher 3

Many graphs on Insight are available exclusively to Premium users. To unlock the full potential of Insight, you’ll have to get Premium. Of the three pillars of PlayTracker, Insight has the most Premium-only features due to its’ potential for business applications and subsequent financial gain.