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Quest Basics

Basics of PlayTracker Quest

PlayTracker Quest challenges gamers to complete games, hunt achievements, clear their backlog, participate in seasonal themed challenges, compete with friends in a seasonal league, gain reputation, unlock various cosmetics for your profile, and even earn free games.

That’s a lot of stuff.

Many Quest features are tied to a seasonal cycle that loosely follows the natural seasons you see outside, so for example a season will start on June 1st and conclude on September 1st.


A highlighted PlayTracker Quest challenge screenshot with a bunch of other less visible challenges in the background

Challenges are objectives users can complete in a game. Usually, a challenge is an achievement you unlock and thus complete the challenge, but it can also be to increase a certain stat in a game (for example, miles sailed in Sea of Thieves).

Completing a challenge earns you a point for the ongoing season, as well as Reputation you can use to unlock cosmetic rewards for your PlayTracker profile (more on that here). Each season contains a variety of challenges to complete.

Global challenges are hand-picked challenges shared among all players and usually follow that season’s theme (for example, deduction). The PlayTracker team creates 8 global challenges each season, but each $15 tier Patreon can also create their own, increasing the overall number available.

Friend challenges are challenges issued by users. You’ll see challenges created by people you follow on PlayTracker on your Quest homepage while logged in. Only the first 2 friend challenges you complete will grant a point each. All friend challenges you complete grant Reputation.

Personal challenges are generated specifically for you, from your game library. You have 4 slots for personal challenges every season. Each personal challenge completed grants a point. You can skip any personal challenge to free up the slot it was in, allowing you to roll a new challenge. You have 4 skips each season. Your current number of available skips is indicated on the skip button. Personal challenges you've already completed cannot be skipped.

Quest uses your PlayTracker account and aims to allow you to participate regardless of which of the supported platforms you play on. Challenges for a specific achievement should work across platforms as long as the achievement name and game name match.

The overall seasonal goal is to earn 7 points which unlocks next season’s mystery gift – a free game (Steam key) that will be an important part of next season’s theme and the target of a global challenge.

Please keep in mind that like many things on PlayTracker, Quest is heavily cached and relies on queues for data to update, meaning there is a significant delay (sometimes up to a day) between earning an achievement in a game and it showing up as a completed challenge on PlayTracker Quest