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Due to an issue with PlayTracker's XBOX sync implementation, XBOX platform data has been frozen to its' March 10th state and will remain frozen until April as we work to amend the disruption. We apologize for the inconvenience.


The overlap graph shows a venn diagram of how the audiences of the game you are viewing and the game you have set to compare overlap. There are three important values here - the absolute overlap which is a percentage of the combined audiences of both games, and then the percentages of overlap for both games individually. So for example, if game A has 20 players and game B has 30 players with 5 players having both, the absolute overlap will be 10%.

User interaction

The user interaction graph shows interactivity data with up to three values.
The first is "Played" which shows how many players have launched the game at least once. The second is "Active" which shows how many players have recently (2 weeks) launched the game. The last is "Perfected" and shows how many players have completed all the achievements for this game, provided the game has achievement support (otherwise this value will not show).
All three values are X% out of 100% where 100% are the total owners of the game. "Played" and "Active" percentages are calculated from Insight data (n=~500000) while "Perfected" is calculated from PlayTracker user data (n=~13000).

Popularity over time

The popularity over time graph shows PlayTracker's own "Popularity" metric for a game over time. "Popularity" is calculated from values like total owners, active owners, concurrent players, and more. An active owner is valued much higher than an inactive owner in "Popularity" calculation. It scales linearly - there are no diminishing returns.