Privacy notice

Last modified 06.09.2023.

PlayTracker is proudly based in the European Union and works with established data privacy experts to ensure your data is handled responsibly. Our team has worked hard to not only meet legal data privacy requirements, but go far beyond, giving you full transparency and control.


Unlike what you may be used to with platforms backed by giant corporations, we don't sell your personal data or use it for advertising or any other hostile nonsense of that sort.

We also take great care not to use free services that expose your usage of PlayTracker to targeted advertising elsewhere online, like Google Fonts or Facebook's share button.

What you will find in the legal text below should be expected behaviour for the functionality we offer - for example we will store a list of your games and achievements as well as any data related to them like playtime.

There are two main things you may not be aware of, but should know:

  • We use Cloudflare to make the site faster and more secure, and they may temporarily store your IP address and other technical information in order to make that happen. Read more.
  • Your data will be part of our aggregated Insight analytics. For example, the information that you played Awesome Game 3 for 20 hours will combine with thousands of other people's data and mean that Awesome Game 3 has a high popularity score on PlayTracker Insight. Read more.

PlayTracker offers a huge suite of privacy settings so you can fine tune how much you share with the whole world, just your friends, or keep for yourself. Please take a look and see if there's anything that needs adjusting.


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Data protection officer:


Purposes, types of data, the legal basis

User registration

Data necessary to create a Playtracker profile

  • Type of data: Username, e-mail address, date and time of registration
  • Legal basis: Necessary for concluding a contract

Connecting with user’s gaming platforms

Linking the Playtracker profile to the user’s other gaming platforms (such as Steam, PSN, Xbox, or individual game profiles)

  • Type of data: platform username, account region/approximate geographical location, list of games, time spent in a particular game, list of achievements, date and time of achievement unlocking, change of time spent in the game since the last data withdrawal, amount of points the user has (depending on achievements), date and time of last play of a particular game, other data characteristic for a particular platform
  • Legal basis: Necessary for the performance of the contract

Profile editing

Playtracker profile editing

  • Type of data: Avatar, title, cover photo of the profile, highlighted color, visual choices for the points section, preferences and settings for visual modules of user profiles
  • Legal basis: Necessary for the performance of the contract

Acquisition of user’s Gravatar profile photo

Users can have a custom avatar by pulling it from the service Gravatar. We don’t share any user's personal data in this process.

  • Type of data: Gravatar registration mail address, photo request timestamp
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest

Playtracker Quest

Unlocking Playtracker rewards by collecting predefined achievements in individual games

  • Type of data: achievement unlock timestamp, unlocked Playtracker reward
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest

Choice of followed profiles

A record of the user's wishes regarding other profiles he wants to follow

  • Type of data: identification number of followed users, follow action timestamp
  • Legal basis: Necessary for the performance of the contract


Ranking of users according to the number of unlocked achievements in a certain period

  • Type of data: user’s score, position on global and private ranking lists
  • Legal basis: Necessary for the performance of the contract

Playtracker profile statistics

Cumulative analysis of user’s achievements and activities

  • Type of data: summary of achievements or activities in general, for an individual game, for a designated time period and/or for individual gaming platforms
  • Legal basis: Necessary for the performance of the contract

Playtracker reputation

The score of user’s participation in Playtracker mechanics (contests, challenges, user contributions) - points are used to unlock additional options for visual modules of user profiles

  • Type of data: data regarding participation in Playtracker mechanics, the total number of reputation points, what points were spent on, date and time of spending points
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest

XP (gaming experience)

The score of the user’s total gaming experience

  • Type of data: data regarding achievements in games and time spent playing
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest

Users’ contribution to gameplay information

The user can manually submit information about the details of a particular game

  • Type of data: identification number of user profile contributing information, the content of the message, message date and time
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest

Aggregate analytics of user profiles

Anonymized and aggregated analytics of user data for the creation of reports for individual games

  • Type of data example: the average number of achievements in a specific game (anonymized data is obtained by dividing the total number of players by the total number of player achievements)
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest

Username change

The log of previous usernames of individual users after the username change - to prevent misuse

  • Type of data: new username, old username, time of change
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest

Optimizing speed and security - Cloudflare

We use Cloudflare services to provide a faster and more secure experience on PlayTracker. We consider it the most reliable and highest quality service that enables us this kind of optimization and protection.

  • Type of data: IP addresses, system configuration information, other information about traffic to and from our websites
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest
  • Data processor: Cloudflare, Inc.
  • Data retention: Cloudflare may retain Customer Logs that contain End User personal data (i.e., IP addresses) for up to 124 days (i.e., the most recent quarter plus one month)
  • Transfer to a third country: Cloudflare can transfer personal data to the U.S. We rely on the European Commission's Standard Contractual Clauses (“SCCs”) plus supplementary measures as a legal mechanism for that transfer. Cloudflare maintains a security program that exceeds industry standards: you can check out their security measures for personal data protection in Annex 2 of the Data processing agreement we signed with them.
  • For more info regarding their approach to data protection, check out Cloudflare’s GDPR FAQ

Website analytics - Fathom

We use privacy-first, cookieless website analytics, compliant with the GDPR and the ePrivacy directive. Fathom Analytics collects a minimal amount of your data necessary for analytics, keeps it in the EU, and uses different anonymization techniques to make you unidentifiable.

  • Type of data: IP Address and User-Agent
  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest
  • Data processor: Conva Ventures, Inc.
  • Data retention: Fathom keeps pseudo-anonymized data for around 48 hours. After that, the hash salts (explained here) are removed from their system, and there’s no reasonable way for anybody to brute force them.
  • For more info regarding their approach to data protection, check out Fathom’s awesome Data journey explanation


Account deletion

All user personal data is deleted when the user deletes his account.

Our web server backups can hold the data for a maximum of 4 weeks after deletion. The backups are not used to restore individual user data.

Important information:

When you delete your account, all your data is permanently deleted from our systems. This means we cannot recover any of the information you provided, including your personal information, profile edits, statistics, etc. Unlike some social media platforms, we do not have an option for any sort of recovery after your account is deleted. Once you delete your account, it's gone for good.

Unlinking a gaming platform

Personal data associated with a particular platform is deleted by disconnecting that platform from the Playtracker account.

The only data category we can keep, if the user decides to do so, is “change of time spent in the game since the last data withdrawal”. When unlinking a particular platform, the user will be presented with an option to keep the data.


PlayTracker users have the opportunity to exercise the right to:

  • Access to personal data
  • Correction of incorrect data
  • Deleting personal data
  • Restriction of processing
  • Data portability
  • Objecting to the processing of personal data

You can request the exercise of rights:

  • Access and correction of incorrect data can be partially achieved through the online interface of the user account
  • The deletion of personal data can be done entirely through the online interface - by deleting your account
  • by sending an email to our data protection officer:
  • by sending a request to the physical address: Ulica Franje Petračića 6, 10000 Zagreb

We respond to all requests within the legal deadline of thirty days.

Objections to specific processing can be sent to the supervisory authority for the protection of personal data: Agency for the Protection of Personal Data (AZOP), at the address: Selska cesta 136, 10 000 Zagreb; email address:


The date of the last changes: 06.09.2023.