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Here's how much the biggest Epic Store exclusives of 2019 sold

Sales estimates for the top Epic Store games, using data from the XBOX API and figures disclosed by Epic and publishers

Earlier today, Epic Games released some data about the performance of Epic Games Store. Of particular note was the detail that the store brought in $251M in revenue from sales of third-party games on PC, with exclusives driving the majority of that revenue.

The infographic Epic released also lists 9 of the "Most Popular" games, so we've decided to compile a list of our sales estimates for them.

Excluded from this list are Dauntless because it is free to play so our estimates do not necessarily correlate with sales, and The Division 2 because it was also available on uPlay which we do not have data on so we cannot determine how many of the reported owners bought the game on the Epic Games Store itself.

Onto the list:

graph of top epic store exclusives

It is no surprise to see Borderlands 3 dominating this chart, as it was one of the biggest releases of the year overall. Another notable fact about this game is that relative to total sales, the active userbase for this game is much lower on the PC version of this game than it is on console. The rest of the list is also quite predictable, with heavy hitters like World War Z and Metro: Exodus right behind.

If we were to place these games alongside their PC peers in Steam's Top Sellers of 2019 list, Borderlands 3 would have placed in the Platinum Tier, World War Z, Metro: Exodus, Control, The Outer Worlds and Satisfactory would have all landed in the Silver tier, and the rest of the games on the list would fit into Bronze.

A notable exception - both on Epic's original infographic and our graph - is Red Dead Redemption 2. According to our estimates, the game sold around 4M copies on PC making it the biggest paid PC release of the year. Our estimate using the Steam API is that 500K of those were on Steam, but we are unable to determine how many of the 4M total were through EGS.

GamesIndustry.biz reported via SuperData that it sold 408K through EGS in the first month, but that amount should have certainly landed it on Epic's infographic.

Correlating these sales estimates with Epic's figure of $251M in revenue shows that these 9 most popular games are responsible for most of EGS revenue, with a significant amount of these being sales at a discount. For reference, $251M in revenue is around 4.2 million copies of one game sold at a full 60$ price.

The figures are based on owners of a game and include games redeemed on EGS, but sold through other retailers as well as promotional keys.

The numbers in this article are courtesy of PlayTracker Insight - our independent website that tracks stats like popularity over time and player engagement for games across all major gaming platforms like Steam, PlayStation, XBOX, Windows, and Origin. Our estimates are made using population sampling and are approximations which can, at times, miss the mark. Let us know if you find any information that conflicts with our estimates - we use this data to improve the service.