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Goody Two Shoes
Reach full positive Karma.
Unlocked: 2011-05-28 09:54:27

Good Exposure
Good guys are heroes to others.
Unlocked: 2011-02-15 08:55:28

Good Train
Good guys proactively facilitate transportation solutions.
Unlocked: 2011-02-13 11:03:02

Good Eats
Good guys feed the needy.
Unlocked: 2011-02-12 09:22:46

Evil Finish
Beat the game while Infamous.
Unlocked: 2011-02-10 20:36:54

Evil Sphere
Bad guys always want more power.
Unlocked: 2011-02-10 20:20:01

Truly Infamous
Reach full negative Karma.
Unlocked: 2011-02-10 19:36:16

Evil Intentions
Bad guys can't say goodbye.
Unlocked: 2011-02-10 17:50:01

Frequent Flyer
Travel 5 kilometers using Static Thrusters.
Unlocked: 2011-02-10 17:18:08

Fish in a Barrel
Kill 50 enemies by using water.
Unlocked: 2011-02-10 16:45:01

True Potential
Purchase every upgrade for a single power.
Unlocked: 2011-02-10 15:11:59

Road Kill
Take down 25 enemies while riding on the roof of a moving vehicle.
Unlocked: 2011-02-09 19:06:05

Red Baron
Take down 100 enemies while they are airborne.
Unlocked: 2011-02-06 09:32:25

Evil Exposure
Bad guys love to be seen.
Unlocked: 2011-02-06 08:48:51

Stunt Coordinator
Complete 10 of the stunts on the stunt list.
Unlocked: 2011-02-05 17:13:52

Evil Train
Bad guys make it clear who the boss is.
Unlocked: 2011-02-05 15:31:52

Drop Everything
Thunder Drop for a total distance of at least 500 meters.
Unlocked: 2011-02-05 15:11:27

Evil Riot
Bad guys love starting riots.
Unlocked: 2011-02-01 20:19:13

Good Riot
Good guys stand up and take the heat.
Unlocked: 2011-02-01 20:18:23

Evil Eats
Bad guys never share their food.
Unlocked: 2011-02-01 20:12:38

Stunt Man
Complete any one stunt from the stunt list.
Unlocked: 2011-02-01 20:10:25

Hidden achievement

Unlocked: 2011-02-21 20:46:42

Hidden achievement

Unlocked: 2011-02-10 17:36:10

Hidden achievement

Unlocked: 2011-02-09 19:21:13

Hidden achievement

Unlocked: 2011-02-05 17:39:24